Monday, November 21, 2011

Reynolds Wrap Pan Lining Paper

Yesterday my friend Jenni joined me in our Holiday Baking Day and we cranked out several dozen of each of 7 varieties of cookies. :) I hope to get them all posted in the next week or so.

But this post is a warning.

I bought Reynolds Wrap Pan Liner Paper because I couldn't find plain ol' parchment and it was horrible. The edges of the paper curled up and over and embedded themselves in the baked goods on the edges of the cookie sheet.

For another recipe, the parchment was to go over the edge of the pan to facilitate removal of the bars. The "pan lining paper" curled up and over and into the bars on two sides. Note the ridges on the bottom pan after removing the paper:

My husband didn't mind because he then got to eat the imperfect cookies/ bars. I minded because these are for gift trays/ baskets and I couldn't use them since they were not pretty.

Just a warning! I'll be returning the amount not used. :(

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Nikki said...

I saw this on tv last night. I'm glad you bit the bullet & used it before me. I hate that it rolled up on you :( Nice try, Reynolds.