Saturday, October 16, 2010

Garden Musings

I planted my garden late this year, and it is still producing lots of tomatoes and peppers. According to my calendar, last year our first frost was on October 19th. That’s only 3 days away, and even if the temps overnight stay above 40F for the next couple of weeks, I’m worrying about if all of the green tomatoes will ripen by then.

These are my favorite tomatoes, although they have not been as prolific this year as they have been in years past. My Dad’s cousin brought the seeds over from Italy years ago and a nursery grows plants (for Dad and also to sell) every year.

They are large (each well over a pound), with a full tomato flavor and few seeds.

I will longingly look at these photos in December, January, February, March…well, you get the idea. I don’t often buy fresh tomatoes in winter, and it’s because I know all too well what they taste like at the end of summer.

And as long as I’m posting photos, rather than recipes, here’s another. I broke down and bought a garden flag a few weeks ago because I loved the design (wonder why?). Of course, then I had to buy a flag holder, too. :) I placed it in our flower bed that I see easily from the kitchen window, and set a large pail of mums next to it. Then Spooky came by to look picturesque, so I complied…