Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Chocolate-Filled Biscotti

I ran across this recipe for Chocolate-Filled Biscotti a couple of years ago in Better Homes and Gardens, and it turned out so well that it is one of the few recipes which Jenni and I absolutely must make every year on Christmas Baking Day.

To be honest, this cookie has only one thing in common with the biscotti which I am familiar with, and that is its general shape. Otherwise, it is not "twice baked", as biscotti should be. I'm not complaining about its misnomer, though, because this is truly one delicious little treat. The dough is tender with cream cheese, the filling a delectible mixture of bittersweet chocolate and walnuts. Each recipe makes 4 "logs". I keep them all in the freezer, then thaw, dust with powdered sugar, and slice as needed.