Friday, August 14, 2009

Turkey and Green Bean Stir Fry with Peanuts

Finally, the green beans in my garden are producing. Not as prolifically as in years past, but now I don’t have to be jealous when my Dad tells me how many green beans he just picked (they live over 2 hours’ away and hadn’t yet picked up on my hints about FedEx overnight service…).

I dug up one of my favorite recipes using green beans, a stir-fry using ground turkey which was featured in Food & Wine a few years ago.

Because my peppers have been growing like crazy, too, I thought I’d add some color by adding some red banana peppers, and I added a half of a large sweet onion, in chunks, as well. These peppers are quite hot and, even with the above-stove fan running at full blast, I still was forced to go outside quite a few times during cooking to take a deep, non-coughing, breath of fresh air. The final dish was spicy, but not nearly what I expected when considering searing effect which cooking them had on my poor lungs.

Note: I used cream (sweet) sherry in place of mirin, and although I used 8 ounces of ground turkey for both Jack and me, I upped the green beans to 12 ounces. Yum. Big time.

Turkey and Green Bean Stir Fry with Peanuts

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing it here and I hope that I can cook it better than your recipe. Do I need to add a recipe for stir fry sauce here? I hope that I can make it on my own.