Sunday, August 23, 2009

Little Green Frog

No recipe post today, just a photo.

One of the green frogs in our pond, this little guy was hanging out on a water lily leaf and didn't slip underwater when I walked up to it (unlike most of the other frogs that I usually only hear, never see...).

I love summer :)


Laura said...

Awesome! I have pics on my blog right now of the turtle we found. It was very exciting--I did not have turtles or frogs when I was growing up. I think I am more excited by it than the kids!

Josie said...

So cute! I wish I had frogs - but I think I mostly only have toads. I am still like a little kid and want to pick them up whenever I find one ;)

Vicci said...

I also didn't have frogs and toads around while I was growing up, so I suppose that I am making up for "lost time" (although, unlike Josie, I don't have the urge to handle them!).

We had a Great Heron Scare last week, when one decided to use our pond as a smorgasbord. As far as I can figure, we lost about 10 of our 40-50 goldfish, and maybe a frog too, but they're still spooked and in hiding. Except for this little one! Very brave, he is. And hopefully, quick. ;)