Thursday, March 26, 2009

Avo Saver

I try not to collect a lot of kitchen gadgets, but for some reason my drawers and cupboards are full of them. A few years ago, I did a massive cleaning and reorganization to rid my kitchen of many of these. Since then, I've tried to use a rule while shopping: buy no gadget nor tool which has only one particular use. Mostly, this has worked to keep me from purchasing something that I will rarely use and it has kept my kitchen a little more tidy.

When I saw the Avo Saver at TJ Maxx, I passed it by. But then I started thinking. Several times I need only a half of an avocado and, no matter what I do, I can not get the other half to last for more than a few hours without "turning". I keep the pit in, brush the cut side with lime juice or lemon juice or Fruit Fresh, wrap tightly in plastic... to no avail. So I went back and bought the Avo Saver, figuring that I will use it one time and if it doesn't work, I will return it.

Two days ago I cut an avocado in half, twisted it, and separated the halves. I set aside the half without the pit to use in a salad, then brushed some lemon juice on the other cut half. I placed it in the Avo Saver, tightened the little belt-thing, and put it in the refrigerator. Today I removed the avocado and was quite surprised to find that the cut side was still green-yellow and there was very little oxidation. It works!

Yes, it's definitely an only-one-use kitchen gadget, but I need this! Really, I do! :D

Just thought I'd let you all in on this discovery...


I have used the Avo-Saver several times I still like it!

Here is a photo of an avocado half 53 hours after it was cut in half, brushed with fresh lime juice, and "belted" into the AvoSaver.

I have found that the secret to doing this successfully is to make a nice, clean, even cut so the surface of the avocado fits tightly against the plastic surface of the AvoSaver. Also, do this just after brushing with lemon/ lime juice, while the avocado surface is still wet with the juice. This makes a sort of vacuum "seal". When you finally do release the avocado, you will probably need to twist it a bit to break the seal and release the avocado half.


Josie said...

that is so cool!!! I need to find one!

Laura said...

Too funny! I would have liked that a while back when I put avocado in a soup as garnish--and forced my family to finish an entire one since I had to cut it all. And then we had none the next night. :(