Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy Birthday to a special person...

This is a photo of flowers which are surrounding our birdbath on the back patio. They are some type of periwinkle which has been in my family for over 50 years. My Gram grew them, and now my Mom and I do the same. Before the first frost, we pinch off pieces of the plant and put them in water. When they root, they are planted in pots. These provide color during the winter and, sometime in March, we will pinch off pieces of those plants and root them in water. The resulting plants will be planted outside where they will spend the summer until just before the first frost... and so on.

Today, August 12, would have been Gram's 96th birthday. This will be our third year without her and I miss her terribly! I am grateful that I had 47 years to be with that wonderful woman. She gave my first cookbook (“Betty Crocker’s Cooking for Girls and Boys”, about 1966) and it is from her that I inherited my love of cooking and baking. It was also pretty great to have someone in my life who thought I was special, perfect, and could do anything. Well, my Mom feels that way too (except for the “perfect” part—Mom knows all about my flaws!), but to my Gram I could do no wrong.

Happy Birthday, Grammie! :) And thanks so much for everything!