Saturday, May 3, 2008

Turkey Lurkey?

Well, I guess it was inevitable. Fifteen years ago, Jack and I stopped eating red meat (beef, pork, lamb, etc.) and haven’t missed it much (after the first year or so, anyway). We are now considering giving up turkey. As he said “one step closer to total vegetarianism”. Why, you may ask, are we pondering this additional change to our diets?

Here he is:

It would be stretching it a bit to call him “cute”, but there is a certain appealing way he struts into the yard when I fill the birdfeeders, waiting until I step back onto the patio before running under the feeders where I have “accidentally” spilled some extra seed. I don’t know what he does with his days, but whenever I fill the feeders he is around somewhere. One of the feeders makes a scratching noise as I screw off the top, and Jack thinks that is what attracts the turkey.

Yesterday, as Jack mowed the lawn, the turkey wasn’t fazed at all. He was eating, that large noisy John Deere be damned!

Spooky doesn’t know what to make of this large bird. He will sit, tail twitching, and watch the turkey graze.

So as we watched the big ol’ bird this morning, Jack mentioned that he has started to feel badly about eating turkey now. I agreed, but I wonder what we will do at Thanksgiving. :)


jj said...

Lol...he IS kind of cute, actually! It's always so different when you actually see the live bird as opposed to just buying its meat in the grocery store, isn't it. I wouldn't have ever made a good farmer I guess...

Holler said...

I am glad you are feeling different about eating turkey, especially such a nice fellow. He is practically one of the family!

Kitchen Queen Victoria said...

jj, the grocery store which I most often go to has a huge tank of live lobsters right in the middle of the aisle beside the seafood department. I feel so badly for these poor things that I often run my cart into the side of the coolers because I have my eyes half-closed, trying not to look at them!

holler, he is a nice little guy. :) I bought tempeh today, now I'm wondering if the transition away from meat should be made gradually or all at once. We'll see...